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 Back in 1762 after the French and Indian War in which the French lost Quebec to the British, France deeded its Louisiana territory to Spain in payment for debts. The loss of the more populated northern territory deprived France of much of its reason to retain the lightly-occupied southern province. In 1800 Napoleon decided he wanted the former colony returned as part of his plans to reestablish the French presence in the western hemisphere. Spain’s hand in Louisiana had been weakened by a territorial concession they had been granted the U.S. in 1795. Under intense pressure, Spain ceded the Louisiana territory back to France in a secret treaty arranged in October 1800 – only a day after the French had concluded a treaty with America to end the undeclared war between the two nations. American diplomats soon learned of the Louisiana deal,

    ..In the Ayutthaya period. She's Marie de guyma, half Goa mixed Portuguese - Japanese, Wichayen's wife, Thao Thong Kip Ma has served as head of royal pantry of the dessert. The favorite recepies was the combination eggyork snd sugar, Foi_Thong ฝอยทอง of Thai desirt, visiting the Ayutthaya period Portuguese:(fios de ovos) Spread out in the form of eggs and Golden Ball. (Portuguese: fios de ovos) is a Portuguese dessert. The line is made of fuzzy golden yolk of eggs. Boil in boiling water and sugar.
    ..Wichayen XVI ( Constantine John Falcone ) (Greek : Κωνσταντίνος Γεράκης Constanta Orlando Konstantinos Gera , England : Constantine Phaulkon) was a Greek adventurer . Who became Somuhnaik in the reign of King Narai the Great. Of Ayudhya. In addition to Greek. Which is the mother tongue . Falcons can speak many different languages ​​, including Thailand , English , French , Portuguese,.His sweetheart Who's Thao Thong? Portugal is the first European to travel into contact with Ayutthaya in 2054 BC, when King Rama in the second after the Portuguese captured Malacca has already Alphonse send Captains Fernandez,Portuguese-Malacca, that ever happened before negotiated with Thailand."

  ..Wichayen XVI ( Constantine John Falcone ) (Greek : Κωνσταντίνος Γεράκης Constanta Orlando Konstantinos Gera , England : Constantine Phaulkon) was a Greek adventurer . Who became Somuhnaik in the reign of King Narai the Great. Of Ayudhya. In addition to Greek. Which is the mother tongue . Falcons can speak many different languages ​​, including Thailand , English , French , Portuguese,.His sweetheart Thao Thongkeeb_Ma I was to purchase the Manson tickets and the flights to Bangkok. It was then it dawned upon me that, oh goodness how has time flown. I can’t believe we’re finally going to meet again. Truth is, I’ve actually grown quite attached to him, or at least to our little romance, and there’s no one else I feel so comfortable with. Besides, he’s the only one that ever bothered to attempt to make things work for this long, everyone else had a projection of their own lives in the next year, and it didn’t have me in it. And I didn’t have them in it either, so they all naturally had to die out to a ‘we’re-still-friends’ situation. Which is good in its own way, I’m sure. ."

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This is the land of Google, right? Anyway, the more I photograph, the more I have become attracted to architecture and the meanings of architecture. As it appears here and there out west in the landscape, architecture stands out so much. It’s just plunked down, naked and exposed. Whatever intentions it has, if there are any, are so apparent. Michael Light, Houses on the Edge of the River Kwai As I have come to photograph these inhabited landmarks, it’s more and more obvious how the affluent choose to manifest their affluence through architecture. They manifest it by getting or obtaining a certain piece of land—a spectacular piece of land in the spectacular west—and then by building some sort of structure there. They want to insert themselves into the most sublime location possible. They take in the sublime, as we all would, and as I do, but then they try to project it back out again through a generally dirty and dark architectural mirror. You see it on the the landscape, via this or that villa. It’s an architectural version of wanting now to be the true authors of the landscape sublime, and part of this abrupt shift from classical, uninhabited landscapes to built landscapes of our own monumental and violent design. That’s all part of what I mean by “the inhabited Eest." ...The best of both worlds; an invitation to the presentation of jacuzzi whirlpool, an intimate domain as much to refresh her spirit after the long day of...treasure
.University pretty much passed me by in a haze of artistic wankery. The question of how I was even going to get a job with the skills I'd learned never really came up. I had always managed, somehow. I didn't like most of the time I spent in college. I knew I was learning nothing, and I started fantasising about doing something else. Like architecture or economics. Subjects with even more wank around them, with pretensions to science, and with the possibility of a great job - once you managed to find one (apparently a degree in architecture is among the top tep of useless degrees in this economic climate). I'd lost track of what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to get ,out of my life. It was easy too, pre-2008. Architecture and economics/business were also very attractive then. It's only on retrospect that I see how I'd been subtly influenced and manipulated by the climate of the times. So I'd picked up this Star Wars book, took it to bed, and started flipping through all the gorgeous pictures. The one thought in my head was "I really wish I could do that". I spent the night wondering how and why every drawing looked so good. I could draw well from life. I could draw anything. Figures, architecture, moving animals. But whenever I sat down with a blank piece of paper and tried to look into my head to come up with a world, there was nothing. It was like my imagination had been killed by all that academic wank I'd purposefully surrounded myself with. (That, and other things that I was sure were literally killing off my brain cells.) I can only remember explicitly thinking to myself "I wish I could do that" twice in my life. Looking at the pictures in the Star Wars book and after reading Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. There must have been other times, but those are the ones I remember. The thing about novel writing is that it's a hidden skill. Due to high literacy rates in most countries, most people can write well, only very few can draw or play music well. But to write a novel, a genius novel, that's just something that can't be learned. Nobody can teach you how to write a novel. But with a lot of practice, you can learn how to illustrate the universe of Star Wars. Or the Game of Thrones. Or whatever. round up</ a> <

I'm going back to...But in retrospect, maybe he fixed his sights a little too rigidly on an arbitrary blind dateHowever harmless Saryandra_Sawitri’s project………to these queen of sweet,on the cremation event of prince Senanurak and prince Isara-soontorn as knwn Lord Jim. Who fought another law enforcement with Phamar to whom the drug lord was named it was he who lived in New O’ lean for the first time during the war in 1785. At the battle of Burbon st. and it had been resortment of the inheritance will for the first time,of the man whose early in line formerly known as mrs. Francis de guy_mar, the mother superior of Santacruz convent but this thoughtful consequence hanging on there until the estate in New O leans was smuggled by another trader whose queen Anne’s French villa bore his name only in the will of Thalang. And that for him only if he would windfall the profit of journey to this particular case

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